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Категории: Drama,Melodrama

Masha is determined to jump off the roof – she feels unloved and betrayed. Her last wish is to listen to her favorite song. A cynical radio DJ Alex happens to work in the studio that very moment. A short call to the radio turns into a long conversation, and it seems like now, only Alex can be in time to save the misfortunate girl before the song has ended.


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Категории: Animation,Family

An adventurous grasshopper Skock doesn’t care about anyone else; all he wants in his life is to get rich. By chance, he finds a piece of a map that claims to lead to mysterious treasures. The other piece belongs to the evil group of locusts, who rule the lawn and terrorize its inhabitants.

During his treasure hunt, Skock finds out that there are other values in life, such as friendship. But will he and his new “family” be able to bet the locusts to keep their home?


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Категории: Detective,Thriller,Horror

A group of American tourists travels across Eastern Europe. By accident, they get to Chernobyl, where they face some local evil. These are the ghosts of killed citizens who tried to flee the city through military cordons. But it turns out that not all inhabitants of the Exclusion Zone are dead. The group have to reveal the mystery of an unusual girl from the dead city and try to get out from this place alive.


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Категории: Crime,Thriller,Action

Successfully completed heroin bust operation, an undercover agent continues his work even after the death of the local drug lord whom he “served” for many years. By coincidence, he is noticed by Suleymani, new drug lord and an ethnic Afghan, who is supplying drugs to the Middle East, Russia and then, further to Europe. Trying to eliminate leaders of the drug cartel, the agent is forced to continue working, now becoming a Syleymani man. Two later, an intelligence services have finally started to plan an operation to bring him home. However, all plans suddenly go wrong.


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Категории: Adventures,Fantastic

As the result of tragic coincidences, an astronaut remains alone on the distant planet. His life is in constant jeopardy. Something inexplicable reaches out to him, and it will change him forever. From this moment on he is lost both for himself and other people.
How many times must he die to prove that he is alive…


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Категории: Comedy

The Russian president decides to go on vacation. To do this, he changes his appearance with the help of prosthetics and make-up, but the hapless artist takes the cover image of the first magazine he sees laying around, and now the President looks exactly like the narcissistic marginal Valera who’s hiding from the collectors. Ironically, the FSO’s vigilant employees put surveillance on the wrong subject – and while the real head of state plunges into commonness, goes on a road trip with fellow traveler Zina, Valera gladly enjoys the presidential service, simultaneously voicing opinions on foreign and domestic policy issues …