Genre Drama, Romantic
Country Russia
Age limit 16+
Duration 93 min
Producer Efrem Nazarov
Cast Shahin Adygesalov, Alvina Tozlian, Ulvi Jarchiev, Said Lazba, Mamed Babayev, Mikhail Karamanyan.

Young and handsome David loves street racing for easy money and spends most of his time tuning his BMW with his friend. His elder brother Adam owns a successful construction business and provides for the family letting David enjoy his life in full. One day, David meets beautiful Leila. After having overcome their first impression, David and Leila fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, it turns out the Leila’s father and Adam are in fierce battle over the future of the old local hospital. Adam sees possibilities for the reconstruction while for Leila’s father, it is a matter of revenge: his wife died there. When Leila’s father finds out about David, he forbids her to see him. At the same time, another serious issue arises for David – his brother is seriously ill…